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Automotive & New Mobility

Slinkert & Aarøe excels in navigating the complex logistics and supply chain challenges of the automotive industry, including new mobility solutions. Our consultancy services streamline operations for OEMs, Tier Suppliers, battery manufacturers, and companies involved in automotive afterparts and service operations.


Our Work with OEMs and Tier Suppliers

At Slinkert & Aarøe, we specialize in providing strategic logistics solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier Suppliers. Our consultancy addresses the intricate supply chain requirements necessary to keep production lines efficient and responsive to market demands. We optimize procurement, inventory management, and distribution processes to ensure that parts and components are delivered just-in-time, minimizing waste and maximizing productivity.

Car Battery Technology

The rise of electric vehicles has increased the need for specialized logistics solutions for battery manufacturers. Slinkert & Aarøe offers expert guidance in handling the unique challenges of transporting and storing lithium-ion batteries, which require stringent safety and regulatory compliance. We also provide advanced supply chain solutions for Vehicle Connectivity Components (VCC), supporting the integration of smart technology in modern vehicles.


Afterparts and Service Operations

Beyond manufacturing, Slinkert & Aarøe supports the automotive industry in afterparts supply and service operations. Our logistics strategies enhance the availability of spare parts across global networks, ensuring quick turnaround times for maintenance and repairs, which are crucial for customer satisfaction and retention. We implement efficient reverse logistics practices to manage returns and replacements seamlessly.


By partnering with Slinkert & Aarøe, automotive companies gain a strategic ally equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of traditional and new mobility sectors. Our expertise ensures that your logistics operations are robust, compliant, and perfectly aligned with the future of automotive technology and sustainable mobility practices.

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