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About us

Slinkert & Aarøe creates innovative solutions based on comprehensive analyses of your processes and workflows. Based on the company's success criteria and values, we advise on supply chain and logistics management in order to create savings that are visible on the bottom line. We develop solutions that make the most of your company's resources, creating competitiveness and ready for the future in a constantly changing market.


Our Background

Through our many years of experience, educational background and collaboration with some of the industry's largest companies & Partners, we have acquired several competencies that qualify us to solve advanced issues in challenging environments. Our strong project management skills are evident in her ability to listen and to make informed decisions. As a leader in several development projects, we have dealt with complex negotiation situations and are powerful communicators across the industry's many areas.
Slinkert & Aarøe is always at the forefront of the constantly evolving global development in the transport industry, as there are high demands and an increasing need for satisfactory transport possibilities. This is important in order to streamline your company's supply chain, thus creating profits in the daily operations and savings that are visible on the bottom line

Meet Our Team

WEB_PTR_M3A2973 copy_edited.jpg
Pernille Slinkert
WEB_PTR_M3A3032 copy_edited.jpg
Nicolaj Aarøe
PTR_06Y0670 copy_edited.jpg
KayaH. Jacobsen
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