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Healthcare & Pharma

Slinkert & Aarøe delivers expert logistics consulting services across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and innovation in the supply chains of biopharma, medical devices, animal health, consumer health products, and diagnostics.


Biopharma & Vaccines Logistics

In the critical sectors of biopharma and vaccines, Slinkert & Aarøe provides specialized logistics solutions that ensure the integrity and timely delivery of sensitive products. Our services are designed to meet the stringent requirements of biopharmaceutical logistics, including temperature control, secure transportation, and regulatory compliance. We support the rapid scale-up of vaccine distribution to meet global demands, ensuring that life-saving medicines reach their destinations safely and effectively.


Our consultancy extends to the logistics of medical devices and med tech industries. We understand the challenges of managing the supply chain for high-value medical equipment, from production to delivery to end-users. Slinkert & Aarøe optimizes logistics processes to support the fast-paced innovations in med tech, ensuring that new devices are quickly integrated into healthcare settings without disruptions.


Comprehensive Healthcare Sector Support

Animal Health: We tailor logistics solutions to the unique needs of the animal health sector, ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of veterinary medicines and products.

Consumer Health Products: Our logistics strategies enhance the supply chain for over-the-counter medicines and health products, optimizing inventory levels and ensuring products are available at retail outlets to meet consumer demand.

Diagnostics and Testing: The importance of diagnostics has never been more evident. We provide robust logistics solutions for the distribution of diagnostic and testing kits, ensuring they are delivered quickly and maintained under the required conditions to preserve accuracy and reliability.

By partnering with Slinkert & Aarøe for your healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics needs, you ensure that your operations are supported by sophisticated, compliant, and efficient supply chain solutions. Our expertise helps you navigate the complexities of healthcare logistics, from regulatory hurdles to the high standards of consumer and patient safety, fostering a reliable supply chain that contributes to health and wellness globally.

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