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We deliver serious and thorough optimization work that can be immediately measured and identified on your bottom line.

Slinkert & Aaroe Logistik Optimeringer

A Company Driven by Purpose

Slinkert & Aarøe creates innovative solutions based on comprehensive analyses of your processes and workflows. Based on the company's success criteria and values, we advise on supply chain and logistics management in order to create savings that are visible on the bottom line. We develop solutions that make the most of your company's resources, creating competitiveness andready for the future in a constantly changing market.

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Across every sector, Slinkert & Aarøe stands as your expertin both local and international logistics consulting. Whether you operate in manufacturing, retail, technology, or any field in between, wedeliver tailored solutions that streamline your supply chain and enhance operational efficiency. Partner with us tonavigate the complexities of global logistics and secure your competitive edge.

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Meet Our Team

Pernille Slinkert
Pernille Slinkert
Nicolaj Aarøe Nicolaj Aaroe
Nicolaj Aarøe
Kaya H. Jacobsen
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